by Summoned Souls & Snxp

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released April 22, 2017

Tracked, Mixed and Mastered at Thornwall Studios in Lancaster, Pennsylvania



all rights reserved


Summoned Souls Pennsylvania

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Track Name: FANGS (prod. Lunar Vision)

Still all black with the lights off
Bout to light this bitch throw a Molotov
Flick the wrist real quick slice the collar off
Imma iced out dick call it chichkanov
Run with the coven get shishkabobed
Mixing the genny with adderal
Popping ya top with the Kawasaki
Witch in the flesh need the spells to stop him


gone as i ever could get i’m a goner
black gosha jacket maiden be that sorcerer
coming to seize what is rightfully mine
and i’m craving a life won’t you let me inside
crying because i done spent all my life
feeling deprived of some peace in my mind
maiden the flood of saint felix alright
coven the clique a preeminent sight

SNXP (@g-snap-1)

Go ahead throw in the towel in
Dusting my chucks after fucking your broad up and trust my honest
She guzzle the 5th and i drowned in the tonic
Overload i’m a die before born
Molly me in a morgue
Candy flipping like before
Do that shit for horrorcore


No Russian Shit, pump 100 rounds through the face of you bitch
You in my space you get popped liked a zit
It's the Trio of fiends you know coven be the clique
I don't really fuck with you lame ass dudes
Swerve out ya lane I don't care about you
Hit me for a feature then you gotta pay dues
Careful what you fucking say in the fangs of a wolf


spent all my life in a daze
maiden the petrifaction: what remains of the past
what’s a ballistic tip to a brain?
how much i’d give for a moment of satisfaction
and i’m trying to find a new way i can forget everything that happened to me
lay me to rest
let my skin atrophy
not to resist but i’m done with this shit
at my limit now


Feeling as forsaken as an empty man drinking
Thinking outside of the box but he locked up in a prism
Stop asking for what you want but what you need
Like my tracks for the all the fiends
Unforeseen scheme take a double dose of the Visine


Your efforts are useless got the blood of Rasputin
I'm moving slow through the crypt your threats of death are so stupid
And you get, tied to the grill of my Nissan now
Driving to the milk and the honey I found
fuck boi blood on my windshield clout
You be dead by dawn E the king in town


I don't respond to pointless shit
I'd rather sip on this fernet til I'm drunk enough that I can forget
used to keep that blade close to my wrist
now I keep my dick close to your bitch
stupid motherfucker prolly can't even locate da clit
maiden be the fucking serpent slithering up out the pit


One for pain i’m gonna take two
Double my luck ain’t no way that I loose
I don’t roll with extra dudes
Its snxp maiden and the reaper yo thats the fucking crew
I don’t speak outside lane
It’s 4 letters don’t say my name
I gotta switchblade with my gatorade
And i’ll slice ya ass for renegade
Track Name: ONI MASK (prod. Pdixxx)

Ready and waiting I been laying patient
One half of the souls scorch the land that was sacred
I’m Sowing new seeds of a future in space
I’m in touch with my shadows consumed all my hate and
Digested my faith to give room for my fate
While collecting an army of misfits and shapeshifts

Stand feet to feet with my enemy
Snxp got the genny and Rich got the Henessey
Ya, dont get no love from me anyway
Kill while I meditate samurai bend the blade
I, float through the foes watch me levitate
Blood stains the armor plate limbs from the amputation

It’s done so quick last thing you see is Oni mask on me
With the shadow of the coven hooverin just where you can see
I know Death waits for us all it’s creeping ever closely
Live This Life so short and gorgeous like a cherry blossom tree
Steel and Flesh, moonlight stretch, just another notch in my belt by now
Sun don’t come, sword is swung, cold black wind begins to howl


maiden maiden maiden he be scheming on you pussyboys tonight
witness a victim in oppression that’s an easy mark yea that’s an easy motherfuckin sacrifice
i hope you learn your lesson
day in and day out i pray for the best but i’m talking to nobody other than myself
i live in confinement i’m walking around lifeless
just sipping on something that makes me feel like it’s all good
for a moment i can numb myself
i shouldn’t cuz i’ll only make it worse
maiden be cursed
maiden be drifting off in the current
maiden be drowning himself in fernet feeling worthless
maybe i’m dying i deserve it
maybe i’m finally finished observing
maybe my time on this planet is up i done served it

VERSE 3: SNXP (@g-snap-1)

Tunnel vision got my hypnotizd
The list goes on of the people I despise
Look me in the eyes before i lose my fucking sight
You my victim in the light
Caught in the blizzard of the night
Where were you when i was in the darkest hour of the full moon
Guess it was too late for i was trapped under the voodoo
Stuck in the trance of the endless eternity
I be rolling the city really aint ever gon hear from me
Sick of the bitches out to get on me
Literally i don’t give a fuck about the others they not real to me my g
Track Name: FUCK YO CLOUT (prod. Sudzy)
VERSE 1: SNXP (@g-snap-1)

bitch i got people who evil aint eaten behind on their sleeping to meet my demise
I don’t lose sleep on the weak through the week they all sheep in their skin and covered in lies
no excuses where your alibi
in my seat its a ride and die
that my suicide
with my third eye blind
cause the other two on thick ass thighs
and my bitch sitting right next to me
we rolling back to back backwoods till i get black lung
got a bitch just for my back rubs
you Slide in DMs to act tough
wait hold up
I never wanted to be something more than i dreamed about
this is the edge of eternity put in the work just sleep for a night out
this is the shit that your kids be listening to when they cop a pack say they smoking clouds
gotta cock a 9 you ain’t pulling up around my town
shut the fuck up bout your clout
You just jocking other sounds
shut the fuck up bout your clout
you just screaming shit too loud

VERSE 2: Eidolon

E be the reaper you know I be choppin em
sleep in my dojo but woke up my chakra
snxp be my partner and rich is my brother
don't fuck with the coven pull the rug from under ya
strap to my back got a blunderbuss
cus when it rain it be thunderous
kids in the crypt runnin up on ya
put the glock to the skull and hear

imma little too heavy for a welter
smelt ya
metal on the cards that they delt ya
tesla wrestla lookin like Blanka
street fightin man imma welt ya
cookin up the beef like im Belcher
fuck a two seater wanna saab
feel like triple six let her slob on my knob
she dime piecee pierced boobies hangin out the roof top
oops im sorry swervin from the alcoholy
bragadocious from the roach but no I never touched a molly
I’m a folly like im Farley
she gone ride like daddies harley
figure If I can piss em off might get some plays career started
but even got the underground guarded
hard to put your foot down when theres glass on the carpet
you swimmin bloody nosed where a shark live
10 leagues deep in the sea of my dark shit

VERSE 3: Richmaiden

slaughter gang shit
summoning the pussies making comments on our threads
i can’t name a motherfucking person that i met that i can count on to do anything
i’m sick of telling people what they said
i’m a minuscule threat in the grand scheme of events that can’t ever be changed cuz that’s the way they were set
the law of this land: our molecules may advance
Dilaudid to make it feel better when i take it in

i got nothing to prove
i know why someone in their right mind might be surrounded by these voices yea
but none of them are talking to me
I lost track of my time way back
I don't even know why I'm here
let the coven revolt tonight
spill my blood through the atmosphere

said goodbye to my old ways they won’t be needed here
when the clock stops tick tick ticking in my damn ear
maiden be that motherfucker that can bring you down in seconds yea
maiden be that motherfucker that ascended to the second tier
Track Name: GENNY BLUNTS FT. BEXEY (prod. Pdixxx)
VERSE 1: SNXP (@g-snap-1)

Catch me blowing potent from the front side of the ocean
coasting by the waves I’m floating holding no sense of emotion
loading location in motion with a clique now i’m golden
Got my bitch motor boating its my way its bragadocious
I don’t give a damn i just build one up
Just to burn down i couldn’t give a fuck
I give up one if i stuck through the rough
In the mud i’ve been swimming in
Ditch ritalin the kids been mixing em business missions
Switching benjamin now my pockets missing
It’s still fuck you you opposition
I don’t want you but i want you to listen to me

I was ditching school i did it all for you i couldn’t get a clue all i want is you
Now I’m choking up under the blue moon

In a few if this true imma see you soon it’ll all be cool when we the coupe and i’m next to you
Now we smoking up under the blue moon


pardon me
i feel like i’ve been losing track of the people in my life
carry the weight of my bruvvas with a long stride
dem 110's have been around the block twice
closed mind and I'm in a different time zone now
owe it all to these sick nightmares
I fear it's all about to come crashing down
so get the motherfuck out the way
I reckon imma lose my sense of identity
harness all of my energy
coven with the planet switchaz
flat roofin out the misery
not a disciple
see i’m maiden revvin the kz
and i got that blood on my knees
what the hell do they want from me?
i’m hosting a curse
40 bottle burst when i threw it at the brick wall
double malt stains
not opposed to keeping my composure but for lack of better words when it’s supposed to fucking rain it fucking rains all day
blender bottle full of that tanqueray
little bit of tonic make it taste ok
but tonight I can tell that I'll be drinking it straight
coven be clique, lurking in the uk
chilling in pigalle with them gosha sweatpants
compass on my arm like a fuckin hooligan
on them cobblestone streets in my wtaps vans
risen from the crypt just to fall inside again


So lost out of focus yeah I been here before
Sip my sorrow out the bottle got it killin me slow
Hard to swallow to a hollow pit of whispers from ghosts
I clutch the throttle hit the gas and let the wind hit the door
Now I got

Dispositions in the rearview
let the smoke hit the glass
destination no clue but
Know I gotta make it fast
cut ties with the fortress
feelin like an outcast
So threw with the bullshit
middle finger to the past

Cus you used me up
you're through with us
It's useless rubix
cubed shit up
I bruised my fists from poundin dust
I blew my nuts I lost my trust
Slept stupid blue moon coo'd me up
got 2 blue suede shoes just 2 more brews
trip stupid 2 left boots in mud

Now I'm chilling with a Chelsie grin strolling down green street
Chugging London gin in a pea coat weed breeze
Hooligan mean streak
Coven make ya knees weak
Gang of fuckin fiends
Carve a C watch your cheeks bleed

Track Name: DREADSCAPE (prod. Sojhi)

i’m such a burden serves me right
burning me alive
they grab you by the throat
just try to hold your breath won’t let this slide to the grave
silence is gold but so is the truth so you aren't worth anything
I'm trying to find myself so close to ascending
tried to keep my composure and let the spirits protect me
all of my vices hold me down all my vices won't let me go

to another realm
maiden be on a train going to hell
maiden alive that ain't hard to tell
but maiden be dying so clean out the cellar
sick of the rain might need an umbrella
sipping on scotch until I feel better
bundled up in my stone island sweatshirt
coven the clique don't ever forget us


Eidolon the don of demons don't you shift away from me
I sold my soul to Satan snapped his neck and coped his vacancy
Maybe all these tortured souls been waitin for me patiently
Revenge a dish served cold and hell is freezin as of lately
Now it's a Dreadscape
Bitch you better clear your fucking headspace
Know when I throw shots
I'm puttin metal where your breathe stay
I cut all my dead weight
Say you bout it explain
Your actions ain't worth shit
You pussy kids givin me head aches
It's the blade totin misfit with the dick big as a satellite
Coven for the children feeding existential appetite
Eidolon the paragon the ferry to ya afterlife
Verbal fuckin samurai

VERSE 3: SNXP (@g-snap-1)

My dutch is burning that’s for certain
when i drop it close the curtains
Never wanna be another burden
Learning, i been living life however ever i want, it’s till i die or meet my maker
At hell’s gate with all my haters
Bumping Yonkers off of Tyler Creators
808 bangs till a motherfucker faded
Got a couple plays and you think you made it
you rappers got to much of ego
flaunting off golden but they acting like Ceelo
Rip off a migos
Coven coming out with a new tape
Bitch we turning up on your school days